Colour Psychology

Choosing a Colour Palette…Using Colour Psychology

Choosing a colour scheme for your new website design can be a daunting task, but by using colour psychology you can gain an understanding of what emotions are stimulated by each colour.

Why is colour so important?

Sometimes it can be difficult not to just choose the colours we are comfortable with – i.e our favourite colours.

This is where by using colour psychology you can be sure to not only attract people to your site but to keep them engaged during their visit there.

So, while your favourite colour may be green, that transfers great into your home with a pillow or a kettle, but you need to ask yourself whether that colour would work for your branding.

More importantly, will it engage with your website visitors the way you would like.

Always think about your customers and what it is you are selling.

If you are selling men’s clothing we would suggest a purple or an orange. It has a masculine feel but with a classic edge.

Tekon Solutions Ltd and Veli Food

A logo we designed for Veli Food

Tekon Solutions Ltd and First Steps

A logo we designed for First Steps

Colour Psychology

Colour psychology gives us a greater understanding of what colour will cause what emotion. We know purple is a strong powerful colour and would work well on a site which has a mainly male demographic.

We believe a site should be functional but also make sure that we are choosing the correct scheme to work with.

Ensuring that your customers enjoy their visit to your site is the first priority for us as website designers. We will gain a firm understanding of your business and your demographic in order to create the perfect brand design for you.

Colours and the feelings they can evoke



















The Emotion of Colours

At Tekon our designers understand colour and we can help you not only choose a colour palette that is pleasing to the eye but also will help you make more out of your branding.

Colours can evoke emotions onto us subconsciously so it’s important to research colours and the emotions attached to them. For example, orange has long been associated with warmth and optimism.

A concept logo we designed for Muddy Hands

If you look at leading brands, they understand the connection to colour and emotion. Studies have shown that by looking at the colour red, the subject’s heart rate increased. This would imply that red is an exciting colour that stimulates someone’s mind. It’s a colour associated with youth and energy. Look at Nintendo, Kellogg’s, Coca Cola they all use red in their branding. They understand their demographic is the youth section of consumers, so by using red it presents a fresh and bold approach and makes it even more appealing to their key customers.

There is a lot of research to show that certain colours can make us feel a certain way. So, if your aim is to create a simple non-complicated website to showcase your business but want your customers to feel relaxed while that browse we would suggest a neutral palette using one strong colour like a yellow. Yellow is linked to the emotions happiness and optimism. It is an engaging colour but also warm and relaxing. By changing the tone of colours, we can change the whole feel of a site. Pastels are soft and relaxing whereas the same colour but bright and bold will create a whole different look.

Colour Psychology in Website Design

To give a good example of why it is important to choose the correct colours, we will show you two examples of websites we built for our customers. They are both in the recruitment business but in very different sector’s. We wanted to show you the importance of choosing the right colour for your sites visitors.

First Steps Website Design

First Steps

The first one is a website we designed for a children’s staffing company called First Steps Enterprise.

They specialize in supplying teachers to children’s centres across the UK. We broke it down.

Who is their key demographic? Who are they looking to engage with?

When deciding which colour was right for them we felt that green would be the one.

Green is a colour that is connected to feelings of peace, growth and health a colour which we felt works well with children and family.

Kevin Edward Executive Search

This second example is for an innovative recruitment business called Kevin Edward Associates, who are based in London.

Their key demographic is young, upwardly mobile business executives. We felt red was a great colour, which the owner fully supported being a massive Liverpool supporter!

Kevin Edward Website Design

Red is linked to passion and youth. It is a bold colour so makes you feel alive when you see it.

It was important for us to keep the other colours around it classic black and white, this ensures they while it looks energetic it also conveys professionalism and makes navigation sleek, functional and easily readable.


When we are creating our sites, we try to look through the eyes of the potential customer or site visitor. A well-built website should be true to your brands chosen colours and ensure that the themes run through effortlessly. So, if you are at the stage where you are considering what your branding should say about you, we suggest doing some research into Colour Psychology and Emotions. It will make it a whole lot easier to decide!

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