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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s also called!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of getting ranked highly on Google.

The ultimate aim for any online business is to get to Number One on Google.

The number one ranking company for any particular search term can normally expect to receive about a third of the monthly traffic.

For example, if your chosen keywords are searched for 10,000 times and you are number one for that search term, you can expect to receive about 3,300 hits to your website each month.

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How we work

Tekon provide expert Search Engine Optimisation services by first finding out as much as we can about our client, their products or services, their ethos, their competitors, goals and finally their customers or ideal customers.

We then conduct in-depth keyword research on your industry; to come up with a keyword strategy that will have you ranking highly in your chosen field.

Once we have agreed on your keywords, we can then get to work on designing your new website.

Your new site will be developed in the following key stages:

  1. Consultation Stage – This is when we gather all the required information we need from you.
  2. Design Stage – Our initial design stage involves us designing basic wireframe website pages; that will show you the layout of your website and where content will appear.
  3. Design Review – We will usually arrange the first review date with you within 14 days of starting work.
  4. Content Stage – Once the design work has been completed, it’s then time to start adding your content. With your help, we will produce all of the website content.
  5. Content Review – Once all of the content has been added, we will arrange a content review. At this point,
    the majority of the website will be complete and you will be able to see what your new site looks like.
  6. Final Stage – After the content review stage, we will go back and make any requested changes to the website.
  7. Final Review – The final review will be your chance to go over the site with a fine tooth comb and make sure you’re happy with what is being said. If you are happy with the site at this stage, we can schedule the launch.
  8. Site Launch – We will agree a time and date with you to launch your new website. We can also help spread the word on social media with you.
  9. Monthly Review – A monthly review will take place, where we will update you on visits and sales, etc and we can look at how your new website is performing against the competition.

If you already have an existing website, we can look at this and help you to improve the onsite optimisation.

Your SEO strategy will be implemented as follows:

  1. Information Gathering – This is where we get as much information from you as we can, in order to understand your business and customers.
  2. Keyword Strategy – This is where we will come up with your keyword strategy and agree on the chosen keywords we will target with your website.
  3. Onsite Optimisation – This will be completed during the content stage (see above) and will see us write all of the content around your chosen keywords.
  4. Article Writing – As part of your SEO service, we will write regular articles for you that can be distributed onto your website, social channels and external sites. This is key to getting your site picked up on Google.
  5. Offsite Optimisation – This will be an ongoing exercise, where we will target reputable external websites and aim to get links back to your site from theirs. Again, this is another key aspect of Search Engine Optimisation.
  6. Social Media Management – Also, this will be another ongoing exercise, where we will post the above articles out through your chosen social media channels, with the aim of generating more backlinks to your site, as well as helping to increase traffic levels.

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