A Rare working Apple-1 computer that was built in the garage of Steve Jobs has sold at auction in Germany for nearly £100,000.

The highly sought after device was auctioned off in Cologne on Saturday and was one of only 200 that the late Apple co-founder and Steve Wozniak designed and sold in 1976.

The Apple-1 computer was sold along with the original receipt, an operating manual and some notes of telephone calls between the owner John Dryden and Steve Wozniak from 1977.

John Dryden, a software engineer from California admitted that parting with the computer was difficult. “It was one of the first opportunities for someone to possess a real computer” he said. “I’d been working with computers for a while but they were huge.”

The computer was expected to fetch a lot more than it did at auction after a similar copy sold for $905,000 at a Bonhams auction in New York in 2014.

Breker’s auction house, who hosted the sale accredited the lower price with the settling of Apple hype.

The winning bidder was an engineer from Germany who collects old computers.

The original machine retailed for $666 back in the seventies and is one of only eight that are still in working order.

Check out the video from Breker Koln below: