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Website and Email Hosting

If you need a website or a business email address, then you’re going to need hosting.

A lot of people are not quite sure what hosting is, but they know they need it, if they want a website.

The first thing you need to do is register a domain name. That is going to be your website address. For example our domain name is tekon.co.uk.

Your domain name is going to form the basis of your email addresses. For example you might have john@tekon.co.uk.

You can also have what’s called sub domains. An example of a sub domain would be shop.tekon.co.uk.

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You can have multiple sub domains that sit under a domain, all with their own websites installed on them.

Once you have registered your domain name, we can then set up your hosting account.

From there, we can configure your domain exactly how you need it to be included all of your new business email addresses.

As standard, we always install a basic landing page on your master domain, so that anyone who visits it will not be greeted with a blank screen.

You then have the foundations for your online empire.

If you’ve purchased one of our business websites, our website design team can then get to work on building your new website.

Once it has been built, we will publish it live onto your new domain and your business website will be accessible to the world.

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