Client Spotlight – Sweet Dream Makers

Sweet Dream Makers

Sweet Dream Makers are a national bed company who sell a wide range of beds, bedroom furniture and other furnishings for the home.

Another customer we have had from the start of their journey is Sweet Dream Makers. For this brand, we had to create everything. First was for them to come up with the name. It seems an easy task, right?

Well no, sometimes it’s not as easy as you might think! First, you need to think of something catchy, that flows off the tongue. Once you have a good name you need to check that no other company exists with that same one. Using the Companies House Web Check, you can quickly see if another company is trading with that name.

The next step is to check if the domain name is available. This can be an arduous process! Just when you think you’ve hit on a winner, you check and surprise, surprise…the domain is unavailable.

Now I am going to be brutally honest here; we didn’t particularly like the name our client came up with, but at the end of the day, it’s not our place to judge. We can advise and give other options but we work for our clients and if they are happy then we are happy.

It did make our job slightly harder as the name and the letters used are integral to the end design result, but we do love a challenge!

Logo Design / Brand Design

Sweet Dream Makers - Logo Design

So, once they had the company name decided, we moved onto designing their logo. We like to design logo’s that are clean, crisp and visually descriptive of what your company represents.

If the business name doesn’t tell someone what you do, then you need a strapline or tag line that does, so at a glance a visitor to your website will know exactly what you do.

For each website we create, we use the Psychology of Colour theory to pick a suitable colour that will speak to their customers.

If you’re creating a website that will sell beds and is focused around sleeping and relaxing it really needs to be a simple and calming colour palette.

You also need to appeal to your target audience. Our research showed that it is primarily women in the 25-55 range that mostly make the decisions when it comes to purchasing furniture for the family home, so we eventually decided on a pastel pink and blue colour scheme.

Website Design

Tekon Website Design Liverpool - Sweet Dream Makers

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So, we have our logo. We have our colour theme. Now onto the design team to create a unique yet classic website.

For us as a creative bunch this is where we excel. We kept the soft pinks and blues of the brand and contrasted that with a strong charcoal colour to add balance and a touch of class.

Designing an E-Commerce website is a lot more work than creating any other website.

There are thousands of products to add for starters but we were also very aware that the bed industry is highly competitive so SEO played a huge part in the content that we added.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, is a lengthy process and any company that guarantees you “top of google” straight away be wary.

It’s an empty promise and good SEO can take anywhere between 3-18 months before you start seeing any tangible results.

SEO is also an ongoing process, because as soon as you you’re your foot off the pedal, you can guarantee that your competitors will take advange and potentially steal your Google position.

There are a lot of competitors in the home furniture industry, so you need to be on you’re A game when it comes to SEO.

The owner of Sweet Dream Makers, Paul Thomas, has been in the Bedroom Furniture industry for over 15 years so he really knows his stuff.

This made our job much easier, as he could give us material that we could use to develop quality content.

Sweet Dream Makers in numbers.

ROI – Full return on investment achieved within eighteen months

Sales increase 2016 – 33% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Sales increase 2017 – 514% increase in sales compared to the whole of 2016 and its only September

Visitors in the last 30 days – 518

Sales in the last 30 days – 13

Average Sale Value – £489


So, the final product was a sleek, easy to navigate website that would attract customers and most importantly encourage them to buy.

I know first-hand if I go onto a website and it’s busy and chaotic in design I don’t want to stay, which ultimately means I wouldn’t purchase from them.

So while site visits are good if it doesn’t result in business for our client then what is the point?  It’s very important to convert traffic into sales.

As you can see the website is not only visually appealing but also it generates sales and repeat visitors for our client.

Result – another happy customer!