Kevin Edward Associates

Kevin Edward Associates is a executive recruitment company based in London who offer exceptional recruitment services for business looking to hire mid to senior level executives.


We have been working with Kevin Edward Associates for a number of years now and they are an absolute joy to work with.

Their CEO, Kevin Fasting is a Liverpool lad who moved to London several years ago and now has a group of companies that sit under the Kevin Edward banner.

With offices in London, Liverpool, Leeds and Redcar, Kevin Edward Associates are growing at a tremendous rate and they are helping more and more businesses to find the right talent for them.

Work Completed

We have delivered a number of project for Kevin Edward Associates over the past few years including building two websites for their recruitment arm.

We have also helped them out in a number of areas of marketing including helping them build and manage their social media, delivering internal IT projects including server configurations, case management software development and building apps and software for them to better manage their business processes.

We have also done considerable work in configuring their hosting and emails including managing their Office 365 subscription.

Website Design

We built the first version of the Kevin Edward Associates website about three years ago.

You can see an image of version one website design in the image below:

We have recently redesigned this website for them and we are very happy with the new website design.

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