First Steps

First Steps Enterprise are a Liverpool based company who supply temporary and fixed term contract staff to nurseries, schools and other organisations within the childcare sector.


First Steps have been a customer of ours since their inception and we have provided many services to them over the past three years including Brand Design, Website Design, Print Design, Hosting, Marketing, IT Support and Project Management.

Ian and Jenny Merrison, the two directors who run First Steps have over 20 years’ worth of experience within their field so it was a real joy creating their website for them as it was clear they had real passion and clear vision for their business.

Ian has worked within children’s services for many years and has been responsible for the growth of community services within the Vauxhall area of Liverpool.

Jenny is a qualified teacher and has spent over 5 years working as a Community Outreach Officer working with local families and young children.

Themes and Colours

After learning about First Steps and the services they offer as a company and what their key objectives are, we had to decide what their colour scheme would be.

At Tekon we use the psychology of colour in order to help us pick themes for our clients. See our article on colour psychology here.

When using this technique it allows us to pick a colour accordingly.

So because First Steps is a company aimed at families and well being we felt green would be the colour to represent growth and health.

Logo / Brand Design

Tekon Solutions Ltd and First Steps

First Steps provided us with a grainy bitmap image of two feet, which they were keen to replicate in their logo design.

After agreeing on the colour scheme, we got to work on turning their two feet into a vector graphic that could be scaled up to whatever size they required for their future marketing efforts.

We then went through a number of fonts and logo layouts with Ian and Jenny, before they decided on their preferred logo design.

We then produced a master vector version of their logo and all of the other versions that they could ever need including png’s, jpg’s, pdf’s and svg’s which were packaged up and sent digitally to Ian.

Website, UI/UX Design

First Steps - Website Design

Ian wanted the layout of the website to be clean and fresh. He also wanted the site to be simple and easy to navigate around.

By choosing white, green and grey it keeps it chic and stylish but also the green adds a hit of colour and makes it engaging to visit.

Ian wanted a number of businesses processes building into the website, which we gladly obliged by designing various automated workflows that could be triggered by different visitor interactions.

An example of this is their general application form, which can be saved and completed at a later date by the visitor after they register as a website user. Upon completion of an application form, an email is triggered and sent to the First Steps team to notify them of a completed application. The application form is attached to the email and a copy is also stored in the database for retrieval.

Print Design

First Steps - Tri-fold Brochure - Print Design 1

Tri-fold Brochure – Outside

First Steps - Tri-fold Brochure - Print Design 2

Tri-fold Brochure Inside

As well as designing First Steps logo, we also designed and printed all of their stationery including branded letter heads, compliment slips, business cards and a tri fold brochure.

All of these were delivered direct to the customer via our trusted print partners.

Project Management

We recently helped First Steps to design a backup system, by utilising some of their existing technology and introducing some simple steps which would ensure their business critical data was backed up and secured from loss.

They already had an Office 365 subscription for their emails, so as the first step we decided to utilise OneDrive as the first backup source.

They currently have several users who all need access to the same files, so we set up three separate OneDrive accounts and shared the required folders from the master account.

This essentially gives Ian three offsite backups of his files to start with (the version on the server and the copies on the two users’ laptops, who are based at remote locations).

As an additional physical backup, we then set up a backup schedule to their newly purchased external hard drive from Ian’s computer, which is set to run each evening.

We also set up a backup of their accounts software via his providers own cloud storage facility.


These simple steps ensured that Ian can sleep peacefully at night, in the knowledge that his business critical data can be restored in the event of a data loss.

Can you say the same about your business data? If the answer is no, then give us a call.

We were able to do all of the above for First Steps in about three hours, so it shows you how quick it can be to protect your data.